3rd chakra-Axinite is a crystal that is helpful in relationships for it brings security and trust. It allows us to follow the proper direction in our lives to achieve our life's purpose. Makes those times of change much easier, allows you to adjust to moving or to new relationships. Physically it heals the adrenal glands and is helpful to bring healing to fractures. May be used with Boji stones to help further balance the polarity. Aligns us with the energies of the Earth. Axinite crystals vibrate to the number one, so a great choice for those leadership types!

AAA grade Axinite Crystal-2

  • Axinite is a rare and unusual crystal that is a deep brownish red color. It is a tabular crystal, very wedge-like in form. Not much has been written about this unique crystal and I am still in the process of working it out. However, what is known is that this crystal is a good choice when going through change and transformation. It allows you to gracefully make the change required for personal growth. It is a very positive crystal that brings out the positive in everyone who encounters it. I have personally found that Axinite aids in decision making, allowing me to make the correct decisions in my life. Some say this stone aids friendships, bringing two people closer together than ever. Physically, Axinite treats disorders of the adrenal glands. I am sure that Axinite will be of great help in the future and I urge all of you to give it a try and see what it can do for you.

    Numerology- This stone vibrates to the number 1. The number one is about leadership.

    Gemological Properties- The chemical composition is (Ca,Mn,Fe)3AI2(OH)(BO3)(Si4O12). Essentially a calcium aluminum hydroxyl boro-silicate. Whew! The crystal system is triclinic, the hardness is 6.5-7 on the Moe’s Scale of hardness, refractive index runs 1.684 and specific gravity is 3.2. The main finds are Brazil, Madagascar and California, USA.