6th and 7th chakras. Afghanite was discovered in 1968 in the Lapis-lazuli Mine, Sar-e-Sang, Badakhshan Province, in Afghanistan and takes its name from that country. It forms blue to colorless, typically massive crystals in the hexagonal crystal system. 


After meditating with this unique mineral I have discovered that it is very powerful in the sense that it brought me into the meditative state very quickly, I also found that it allowed me to remember what I had discovered in the astral realm so that I could use this information in my present life. 



  • The perception of being in another place and time is also very acute, use Afghanite to explore this inner-outter realms. Some feel that this mineral will allow you to communicate your thoughts, feelings and emotions in an “easy to understand way.” Bring people together allowing for attention and focus for a common task, enhances all group settings. This is a peaceful stone, allowing certain individuals to understand the need to end all wars or conflicts. What a wonderful example of Afghanite crystals imbedded in Calcite, hard to find with perfect crystals.