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Size is 2.25 x 1.5 inches.


7th Chakra-Crown.  Ametrine is a variety of quartz that offers both Amethyst and Citrine in a single stone!  It is a very beautiful gem that should be utilized for its full potential.  Ametrine is a duality of man/woman, so this is a great choice to help bond couples in a loving way.  Not only will Ametrine teach you about the spirit world, but will also allow you to use your creativity and will power to the fullest.  This is one of my favorite stones, these gems are full of life and energy, all hand selected by the crystal deva.


Ametrine stabilizes the balance between spirituality and daily life, aids in bringing spiritual values to daily life, good for meditation and aids in working with spirit guides. 


  • Metaphysical Properties- Ametrine is a beautiful stone composed of both Amethyst and Citrine.  Ametrine is one of those stones that is very quick acting making it very popular in healing work. I recommend this stone for someone who is dealing with self esteem issues; the golden Citrine allows you to discover one’s own worthiness while the violet Amethyst brings a sense higher purpose, thus allowing you to become more confident.  Some like to use Ametrine to stimulate the meditative state and to raise one’s own consciousness.  I like to use Ametrine to release negative thoughts and feelings that I may be experiencing throughout my busy day.

    Meditation- Here is an easy meditation to use with your Ametrine that will help you to meet the God/Goddess within.
    Enter the meditative state holding your violet gemstone in your left hand, (this can be an amethyst or any of the others I have listed above.)  Cast a violet aura of peace and protection all around you, while you are doing this ask your goddess/god to come fourth.  Visualize your deity cast in the color of your gemstone and begin asking any questions that you may have.  I like to ask for wisdom, peace and understanding.  When you are finished know in your heart that you and your god/goddess are one.

    Numerology- Ametrine vibrates to the number 4.  The number four is one of hard work and structure.

    Gemological Properties- Ametrine is from the Silica Group of minerals.  Its chemical composition is SiO2.
    Ametrine is both Amethyst and Citrine, making for a desirable gemstone.  Most of the Ametrine on the market is from Mexico.

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