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Banded Hematite

1st Chakra.  This is a large chunk of Banded Hematite from Michigan.  Magnificent layers of sparkling hematite and red chalcedony jasper define the eye-catching appeal of Banded Iron Formation,. Dated as some of the oldest rock in World the Banded Iron Formation is a manifestation of dynamic geologic processes that occurred when the earth's atmosphere was much different than it is today. Over millions of years, heat and pressure have created beautiful and diverse patterns of folds and layers in which no two specimens are exactly alike. Still today, geologists have yet to unravel some of the the scientific mysteries of this unique rock. It is a lovely display piece for ones desk or home.  Banded Hematite is about protection on all levels.  Crystal Deva's personal specimen.

This one weighs 6 pounds! 

Banded Hematite

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