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Bastnasite- RARE EARTH Mineral-1

2nd chakra.  A wonderful gemstone for manifesting your dreams and desires.  A grounding energy to aid the ideas of thinkers, planners and dreamers, again for manifesting those plans – making things happen.  Light bending properties.  ‘to lie hidden’  Use as a catalyst for change and refinement.  Become less sensitive to things that are upsetting in your physical world.  Allows you to feel your emotions but do not become obsessed with them.  Releases fear of the unknown. Keywords:  Polish.  Strength. Change. Desire.

Bastnasite- RARE EARTH Mineral-1

  • Gemologically Speaking- 
    Bastnasite, which is sometimes spelled as bastnaesite, is one of a few rare earth carbonate minerals. Bastnäsite was first described in 1841 from and named for the Bastnas Mine in the Riddarhyttan district, Vastermanland, Sweden.  However my material is from Pakistan.  Bastnasite is composed of cerium, lanthanum and yttrium.

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