Benitoite crystallizes forming very small slightly fattened pyramid-shaped or tabular crystals.  The color is blue sometimes colorless.  It can also aid in allowing transmission of thoughts between two people without verbalization.  Used during meditation, benitoite can enhance the experience of astral travel to a higher degree. Can be used to enhance contact with ET's.  Some people use benitoite in combination with moldavite for connection to the supernatural world.  Benitoite brings us light and joy, allows us to see the true beauty within each of us.  Great for dancers/athletic people because

offers movement and activity. 

What I find fascinating about Benitoite is that it allows us to realize our passage through time and space.  That we will be here again whether in energy form or human.  That this life is not our last, and to help us understand karma, to live the laws of karma so that we can balance our karmic accounts.  Balance in all things. These are from the Dallas Mine in California.