AAA grade Boji Stones!  Avalon Crystals has been a seller of certified Boji Stones since 1990. We have sold many stones world wide since then! Be assured that you are getting the real thing! This set measures 1.25 inch. What Are Boji Stones & What are they used for?Karen Boji property owner & Kellie Bojistones.comBoji® Stones are used for Metaphysical Healing. Here is an easy way to use and feel the healing energies of Boji stones to balance your energy field: Hold a Boji stone in the fingers of each hand. Now move the stones towards and then away from each other; you should feel a very subtle pulling and pushing sensation. If you do not feel this, rotate the boji's between your fingers and go through this procedure again. You may feel that the male stone feels better in your right hand rather than your left, or vice a versa. Keep at it until you can feel this pulling/pushing sensation. This allows you to become familiar with the energies of your Boji stones. When you feel the strongest sensation, take notice of which stone is in which hand as well as position. Once you feel you are ready. lay down and place the Boji from your left hand above your head and the other one below your feet. Close your eyes and visualize the golden healing light of the Boji stones as they work to release energy blocks and to balance/align your energy field.

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