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Chandelier Quartz Crystal

New configuration of quartz from Brazil, the unusual feature of this crystal is the tiny diamond shaped facets around the termination (tip) of the crystal.  These tiny facets resemble crystals, which dangle from a chandelier, thus its name.  Another interesting feature of these crystals are the multiple indentations or tiny groups of indentations which are pronounced on certain crystal faces.

Some ideas of the metaphysical properties include:


Similar to the time-link crystal, but more complex.  May each facet represent a past or future life?

The many facets may represent the many facets and dimensions of the human experience.  Possibly, the many choices, paths and ideas we possess.  The brilliance and flash of each facet sets us into ‘moments’.  Each flicker is a moment either in the past or maybe even the future.  Some facets appear rounded while others are straight and linear.  The roundish facets represent our emotional body; the linear ones represent the mental body.


Chandelier crystals are bringers of light.  Enhances ones own light.  Allows discovery of our Inner Light and what it means to us.  These crystals are now showing up because of the new millenium, we are finally ready to explore our inner selves and to discover the spirit we each possess.  This crystal will bring back our memory that we are all spirit, all one God.  It doesn’t matter what name you call this higher force, it is simply that you believe.  You can ask for guidance and even pray with your entire being.  The next step is to let go and surrender, the Chandelier crystal realizes that once we surrender our needs to the higher force, that we will receive what we need.  This unique crystal holds the one simple truth.


It is also about limits.  We all have limits, which we many not want to acknowledge; it is very hard for us to understand that we have these limits for a reason.  We man not be ready to take the next step, no matter how much we think or feel we are.  When we face the reality that we have these limits for a reason and then surrender it all to the universe, the next step automatically happens for us.  Chandelier quartz allows us to see these limits as they truly are in realty and to accept them for what they are.  This does not mean that you should give up your goal or quit trying, it just means that we need to acknowledge them.


It is about thinking and feeling. -----Mental and emotional.  Acknowledge the feeling behind the thought.  A good crystal to use if you have trouble feeling and expressing your emotions.  Allows one to come out of denial into the light.  Helps one to get through the doubts and scary part of feeling the emotions.


Allows for communication with deva’s, animals and beings.  Brings to us our totem animal, the discovery of our sacred totem.


The tiny indentations, which occur in groupings on particular faces, represent wisdom.  I like to think of these markings as scars which each of us exhibit.  It shows strength, tenacity, and survival.  Wisdom- with age comes wisdom.

Another odd energy this crystal exhibits is its ability to appear colorless and then smoky gray depending on the light and how you look at them.   The smoky grey color is very unusual for it is hardly there.  Very strange.  Maybe this grey color is actually silver and represents the silver cord to the divine.  If so, it would allow us to communicate with other souls that are not worldly in nature.

Numerology- Chandelier Quartz vibrate to the number 2 or Master Number 11.


Gemological Properties-  Quartz is a group of mineral species which is from the hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system.  The chemical composition is SIO2, refractive index is 1.544-1.553 with a specific gravity of 2.66.  The Chandelier Quartz we are speaking of originates in Brazil, South America.

Chandelier Quartz Crystal

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