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Faden Quartz Crystal-20

These Faden Crystals are all ethically mined in Balochistan Pakistan.  The energy within is very intense and fast acting!  I know you will enjoy having a Faden Crystal in your healing kit.  Please take the time to read my healing information below.


ALL chakras. The Quartz Faden (pronounced as "Fah-den") is one in which the inclusion of one or more white thread-like fibrous formations of quartz occurs. The name is derived from the German translation of "thread". I feel that this crystal is used for astral travel and to help us understand the lessons to be learned in this incarnation. Promotes physical, mental, and emotional stability. This crystal is good for seeking out information important to our growth. It can be used to promote mental and emotional healing and wonderful for centering oneself. It has also been used for past life exploration allowing one to explore these new dimensions while keeping one firmly centered in the present.


Melody, Love is in the Earth, explains that "Fadens provide for a continuous [when in one's energy field] alignment of the physical meridians and the nervous system, and for the alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, astral, etc., bodies, singularly and with one another.” "The Faden is a stone of "seeking”, assisting one in"ferreting out” information which is either hidden or unknown. It is an excellent stone for future-telling and telepathic activities. It is also quite conducive to the meditative state.”

Faden Quartz Crystal-20

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