7th chakra. EXCLUSIVE! White prophecy stones or LifeStones as I like to call them are from the country of Botswana.  Avalon Crystals is the only website that offers them.  Electric Fire is the second of the three divine aspects (the creative sound being father, ligntning being soul and whirling activity and/or wind being the physical manifestation).  So in esoteric lore it would be formed from and is a pathway between the soul and material plane.  I also find the energy to be similar to the brown prophecy stones in the way that they open the third eye and crown chakra through activation of these two centers.  I also feel that they are helpful for manifesting your dreams, desires and life goals.  They also allow you to understand your life's purpose, why you are here right now.  through meditating with Life Stones many 'life' questions can be answered.  Being these could have formed like a Fulgurite I feel that they also strengthen connections with other worlds.  Also used for communication on all levels. Also used for divination. Very unusual and fun! Incredible! One of kind!  Measures 5 inches long by 3 inches wide. Very large.

Fulgerite Type Lifestones