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Golden Healer Large Boji Set-20B

This is a very rare and hard to come by set of Golden Healer Boji stones, and they are LARGE!  The energy is very powerful and you will be very, very happy.  Use in a personal or group healing sessions.  Perfect for meditation for they easily connect to spirit guides.  Measures 2 inches across.  Nice oval shape!



The Boji® Stone is the philosopher stone of the ancient Alchemy.  The rock we chose to become a Boji® was rusting and rotting away.  (It was dying).  The rock needed special preparation to keep it alive. Through channeling, I was given wisdom from ancient Masters of Alchemy.  I use the secrets of esoteric science in preparing the rock to become a Boji®.  Alter cleaning the rock it is fed for many days.  It is again washed, purified by astral light and then is activated by terrestrial essences.  Then and only then is it a Boji®, a container of balanced energy and thamaturgic power.  This then is the birth of the Boji®.



The way that Bojis® were first found, there was one crystallized one in the center and 20-50 smooth ones around it.  Karen decided that the center one was a chauvinistic and had a harem!  The crystallized center stones are found as large as 5 pounds at the most.  Females outnumber males in nature, males are usually heavier in weight, and males are "showier" than females in most species (for example, birds).  Therefore, prices are higher for "males" simply because there are less of them.

Each Boji® has an electromagnetic energy with a negative and a positive side. For purposes of physical energy balancing or healing, normally two stones are paired, one of which is crystallized or "male", the other is which is smooth or "female".  The male stone is placed on the weak side of the body (either the side that is damaged, or the left side for right-handed people or vice versa).  However, two smooth or two rough stones can also be paired.  In this instance, the stone that is heavier should be placed on the weak side. 


Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Golden Healer Large Boji Set-20B

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