Holly Blue Agate Gemstone

This is the original find of the (true blue) Holley Blue Agate.  Back in the day the original discovery was of this lovely sky blue color, years later someone discovered on the other side of the canyon the more purplish-lavendar color agate also knows as Holley Blue.  This lovely sky blue color is rarely seen anymore because the area has been closed for many years. It resembles the famous Ellensburg Blue agate.  11.18 cts. One of my favorite stones for we mined this ourselves in Oregon many years ago. What a wonderful time for me, thoughts of Holley Blue bring me nothing but pure happiness and joy. I find I am more at ease in difficult situations when I am wearing my Holley Blue Ring. This beautiful stone focuses one's life purpose for this incarnation. Opens and balances the casual body chakra allowing for transmission of spiritual energy into your awareness. A good aid for new channelers. This is an extremely beautiful stone. The small inclusion on the bottom of the stone can be hid with a bezel setting.

Holley Blue Agate Cabochon-1