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Blue-Green Kyanite Crystals

Throat, heart and casual body chakras. I am in love with this new find of gem quality Bi-Color Kyanite, includes two colors in one crystal, green and blue.  A good choice for practitioners for it clears the energetic field and creates a protective shield that will allow your client to feel safe.  A builder of bridges between two people or between or inner and outer selves. Blue Kyanite heals blockages from all aura bodies.  Heals throat blockages while aiding communication.  The Green helps our heart chakra to be open.  Boosts immune system.  From Brazil.

Kyanite Blue-Green (Bi-color)

  • Metaphysical Properties- I feel that Kyanite is by far the best crystal to use for past life regression.  Other lifetimes may hold the key to healing issues and problems in this life. It works to peel away the layers to find ones individual soul blueprint where we may discover what our expression is in this lifetime.  By going back to the time when the drama occurred, we can face it, release it and heal.  I feel it is best to journey to another life time only if it effects the present. Many people get too caught up in the glamour of another life and do not focus on their present life!  What an easy way to avoid the issue at hand! 
    In a crystal layout Kyanite may be place on the 3rd chakra the solar plexus (assimilation/integration center) to assure connection of consciousness on your journey.  I for one am not a big fan of delving into past lives, but it may be necessary for some to discover why they are acting the way they do in this lifetime and then to change the behavior to be more positive and productive.  Use Kyanite for alignment of all the chakras, which it does automatically and with conscious direction will align the subtle bodies as well, i.e. emotional, physical, spiritual, astral, intellectual.


    Numerology- Kyanite vibrates to the number 4. The number 4 is about hard work and building a foundation for which we live our lives.


    Gemological Properties- Kyanite is a mineral species and belongs to the triclinic crystal system.  I offers a chemical composition of Al2SiO5.  The refractive index is 1.716 and specific gravity is 3.68.  The hardness of Kyanite is 4 to 5.  Kyanite is found in Brazil, Burma, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Switzerland. 

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