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Lithium Quartz Cluster

All Chakras. I am thrilled to offer you this new variety of quartz that is composed of the chemical Lithium.  Lithium is a wonderful chemical that helps to heal depression and people who are bi-polar.  Good choice for people who suffer with panic attacks and anxiety. I find these crystals to help with stress and to help us relax after a hectic day. Worries seem to melt away when meditating with a lithium quartz crystal, great for those who have trouble getting a good nights sleep.  This is a gorgeous and most energetic cluster, it measures 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, nice lightly colored Lithium.  These can be used in a group setting, in a physicians office or on your desk, touch the lovely lithium plate when you are feeling down.  A gorgeous crystal plate, perfect in every way.

Lithium Quartz Crystal Cluster

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