selenite lens chakra crystals

7th chakra.  Selenite is a member of the gypsum family of minerals. Enter the doorway to the higher self and connect with the Divine.  The lens shape acts like a mirror to show you your true self. Selenite is also about bringing light into all aspects of your life. These nice Selenite Wands are from Mexico, they have incredible energy! ALL chakras.  A very powerful healing tool that you will surely use in every healing session. 4 inches across.

Selenite Lens Crystal


    Metaphysical Properties- Selenite is considered to be a 'mental body stone' which also opens, aligns and clears the aura bodies.  It is able to transmit light, energy, and information; this maybe why many like to use it for channeling.  It can be used as a scanning device for those of us who are not visually orientated to get an overall view of a person's light system to see the thought forms in their energy body.  You can direct the energy towards your client or yourself by physically pointing the Selenite towards your client and mentally aligning with its vibration to examine the thought forms that are stored within each energy body.  From what I understand about Selenite wands it can be a powerful tool, but intent seems to be necessary in activating it.  I personally like to use the Selenite wand when no other stones seem to be working.  It is a great mover of energy; however you should not try to activate the wand if you have been exposed to mind altering drugs in the past 48 hours or if you feel physically off balance (a cold, flu, etc.).  One should be very clear and balanced when using the Selenite wand.


    Numerology- Vibrates to the number 8.  Abundance and personal power.


    Gemological Properties- Selenite is also referred to as Gypsum and Alabaster.  It is a hydrous calcium sulphate CaSO42H2O.  Selenite is usually transparent in appearance and occurs in the monoclinic crystal system.  It is very soft being a 2 on the Moe's scale of hardness.  The refractive index is 1.52-1.53 and the specific gravity is 2.30.  The fish-tail and tabby varieties are from Mexico.