Super Seven Crystal-19

Simple perfection, what we all want in a Super Seven!


We received recently a new lot of natural cacoxenite points and clusters, beautiful pieces. Cacoxenite is a brown or golden colormineral that forms as an inclusion in Quartz or Amethyst. It´s a

rather rare occurrence and makes an spectacular effect on the


Amethyst: This stone carries the property of healing which

assist in curing the emotional and physical ailments. The

therapies of Amethyst crystals are mostly helpful in solving

nervous problems, insomnia, nightmare and most importantly

balancing the crown chakra.


Cacoxenite: This stone contains positivity and has the ability to make good even better. It opens spiritual pursuits and

empowers the super seven to dispel all sorts of negativity.


Smoky Quartz: This crystal helps you to stay alert, focused and at power with the surrounding. Smoky Quartz is healing and

protective stone which also enhances the quality of becoming a good business man in an individual.


Clear Quartz: This crystal is a powerful healer and known for amplifying and strengthening auras. Quartz crystal helps in

continuity of the flow of energy.


Rutile or Rutilated Quartz: It is the stone which is known to

bring optimism, joy and harmony around you. Rutile stone

strengthens love, brings stability in love and relationships,

mental balance and growth in spiritual aspirations.


Geothite: It is the stone which helps you making clear cut

decisions and helps in concentrating and focusing the tasks

ahead. Geothite also balances between the positive and the

negative energies.


Lepidocrocite: Which enhances intellectual ability. The energy

of this crystal helps in making contact with the angles and the

guides of spirits at the time of meditation. The metaphysical

properties of this stone align you with the Divine sources and

helps in releasing the fear. It also provides sound thoughts and emotional grounding.


Super Seven has the vibrations of all the seven crystals

discussed above. According to Melody's book, "Love is in the

Earth, A Kaleidoscope of Crystals"; Cacoxenite Quartz is a

"stone of ascension", being used by many during myriad of

planetary alignments, world meditations, and during the full

and new moons, i order to increase spiritual awareness on all

levels, to transfer healing energy to the Earth, and to provide a

loving and ethereal connection between all of the Universe.

Super Seven Crystal-19