1st chakra. Tiger Iron is composed of golden tigers eye, red jasper and hematite. It is helpful in creative endeavors and is a huge stone for protection on all levels. Tiger Iron removes negativity, it transforms negative energy into positive energy. It also balances the emotions between the body, mind and spirit. I feel that Tiger Iron will help one to be motivated in the work place and at home. Get those ideas manifested! Also a wonderful stone choice for travel, the bands of hematite will keep you protected from bad mojo and will also help you to fend off jet lag. A wonderful stone that is under appreciated. This is a sweet slab from my personal collection, 1994.

Tiger Iron

  • Tiger iron is about actualisation - the capacity to realise potential and possibilities. It is remarkably grounded as a stone - holding the energy clearly in the moment and fully focussed - perhaps why it occurs uniquely in this "down to earth" country of ours.

    It helps us recognise what needs to be done, particularly in practical matters and then just get it done. It also works at bridging the base, 2nd and 3rd chakras to make more energy available and accessible for getting these things done. Sometimes the things that we "need to do" are not that pleasurable and whilst Tiger Iron doesn't miraculously make them fun, it does give us the tenacity, focus and energy to "get on with it" and move through them onto things that are more enjoyable.

    Tiger Iron is also a remarkable stone of protection, at a very practical level. It encompasses the capacity of hematite to reflect negative energy, the watchfulness of danger of the Tiger Eye and "blood oath" loyal protection of the Red Jasper. Together they protect us - from danger and importantly from our own procrastination.