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The 4 Laws of Energetic Attraction

The 4 Laws of Energetic Attraction By Kellie Jo Conn, GG

Are you longing for healthy, positive relationships that generate a strong connection? Many of us need help in this area of our lives, and by understanding the 4 laws of energetic attraction, you can begin to ‘attract’ the right people today!

Law Number 1: We Attract who we are. What does this mean? Well if we are a positive type of person, in turn we will attract positive people into our lives. If we tend to be negative and grouchy, in turn, those are the types we will attract. Before you meet new people, think about yourself and do not dwell on these shortcomings, think about the positive side of yourself and how you would add to a happy relationship. A good healing stone choice to show others your true love and compassion is Thulite. Once you resonate with the energy of Thulite, others will see you as a loving/caring person! And you will feel much more comfortable allowing people who should truly be in your life.


Law Number 2: Use your intuition. Relationships can be a bit tricky, what your eyes see, may be misleading. When you first meet someone, do not allow your eyes to make any decisions, the person may ‘look’ beautiful and well educated. You have to delve much deeper than just the physical appearance. Tune into those feelings, are you feeling nervous, or safe? Act on all vibes! If these vibrations are feeling positive then you should act on them and explore the possibilities. If these vibes are mixed, you may wish to wait awhile, however of course if these vibes are negative, then walk away. Try the energy of Hessonite Garnet to boost your intuitive powers.

Hessonite Garnet

Law Number 3: Seeing the beauty and goodness in people allows them to feel good. When you first meet new people it is easy to see their faults and not their true selves. Next time you meet someone try to energize their positive qualities, I do not mean to flatter them or to ignore intuitive red flags, but to look beyond the physical. Everyone has bad days when we complain or seem depressed, and we are all starving to have the goodness in us acknowledged by others. If you want to connect with someone, simply notice his or her assets. Example: A co-worker is being grouchy, instead of being grouchy back at her; try to re-direct the energy by commenting on her long hours, or how pretty her hair looks today. Use this approach and you will notice a difference. Use a healing stone such as Angelite will aid that communication.


Law Number 4- Soulful giving generates abundance. This is a biggie and one that I have personally learned on my own journey; try it because it really works! It goes like this. Soulful giving enlarges your capacity to be more caring, it is to give for the pure joy of it, expect nothing in return. Open your heart to the idea of giving, this can mean material goods that you feel someone would enjoy and help them on their own journey, or giving of ideas. When you give to the universe you will receive back the same, but ten-fold. It is truly wonderful and I feel that everyone should understand this law to make their lives more complete and with meaning. Use healing stones like Azurite to help you understand this concept.


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