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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I would like to take a moment to thank you and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. It is the time of year when we start thinking about the special people in our lives and how blessed we truly are. Even with everything going on this year, I am still very blessed. I lived through the Labor Day Wildfire that burnt everything down to the ground except for our small off grid home. As you know, we stayed and fought the fire around our home in order to save it only leaving when the local police came up to give us a final warning to get out! We thought for sure our home would be gone, the fire was blowing up fast, wind speeds up to 50mph. We decided to drive across the valley where we could keep an eye on our little white roof of our home, along with friends we sat and watched the devastation. You can only imagine what was going thru my head! At one point we saw a band of flames above and below our home, then it was dark with smoke, thinking that was it, our house is GONE..........I said to myself, okay, now what? What are we going to do?............after a few hours we felt it was safe to head home. What a disaster! I started to sob very loudly on that trip home, a gut wrenching sob that I have never felt before. But alas, our little home was still standing, so I sobbed our of joy! All of the vehicles, sheds, root cellar, burnt to the ground. Why was our home still here? Yes, we stayed as long as possible and watered the deck and all around our home............but was it only that or was there something else intervening here? We could see where the fire burnt 6 inches away from our wooden steps and stopped. I have thought about this long and hard. Why is our home still here? The grace of God, of the Universe? Or was it saved by the spirit of our crystals, the protective Deva's? All of our inventory would be gone, Avalon would be out of business. I have always known my purpose was to work with and offer healing stones, now it has been confirmed. The spirit world needs me to keep sending healing stones around the world, after all of this time I have deva's on every continent creating a grid of sorts. So now what? I carry on. Just as each of you have had disaster, heart wrench and deep hurt, we all need to carry on, to live our purpose. Yes, it is difficult, it may take quite sometime to heal, to feel better, my advice to you is to grieve, feel all of the emotions and then LET IT GO.

With that I am sharing a few image of what it looks like after a wildfire bursts through a property. Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy Your DAY!


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