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Kellie's Journey

About the Crystal Deva

  I'd like to share a little about myself with you all. My birthing name is Kellie Jo Kelley.
I was born in the year 1964 and raised in Eastern Washington State, USA.
After high school I moved to the city of Seattle in order to find myself. Once in Seattle I took on odd jobs not really knowing what I would be happy doing.  While seeking my path, the spirits made sure I was to meet and fall in love once again with my former partner, my soul mate Bill.

  I eventually found a job I liked in the gem and jewelry industry, it is here that I became fascinated with diamonds and gemstones.  I began to read more about gemstones, visited museums and attended local gem shows. I finally decided to work towards my graduate degree in gemology. I received my Graduate degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1989. I've been doing Diamond, Gemstone identification, Jewelry Appraisals ever since. I especially enjoy the challenge of gemstone identification which allows me to become an investigator.  Gem Identification involves figuring out the gemstones properties.  I do this by testing the gemstone with gemological instruments. 

    Bill and I felt a need to get out of the city and decided to move to beautiful Whidbey Island.  After looking for a place we could call home for nearly a year, we were blessed to find a small chalet type house with 5 acres of forest, flora and fauna, our dream come true!!  I gave up my conventional job in the jewelry industry and headed towards a bright new future!

   Upon living the Island lifestyle for a year or so, I began to develop an interest in organic gardening, 
herbal medicine making, and any and everything holistic.  I started to feel a change living here on Whidbey Island, a shifting of energy if you will, things that I used to enjoy were not important anymore and I began to see the spirit in my everyday life.  With this, I  felt a need or calling to learn more about gemstones and crystals in a new and different way, but I did not know what they way was, as of yet.  A passion of mine has always been to go out into the field and collect my own gemstones and crystals whenever I get a chance.  This began my thinking about the way it makes me 'feel' when I am at one with the ' devas' out in the middle of a forest knee deep in soil.  There must be more to crystals than what meets the eye, so began my journey into crystal healing.  I feel it is my life task to educate and share the knowledge I have learned of the wonderful healing properties of our crystal friends.I feel truly blessed that I am able to do what I choose in life, and that the Great Spirit is with me every step of the way.

  Through my friend/sister Raven whom I am apprenticing with, I was blessed to receive my Usui Reiki Mastery in 1995.  Reiki has prepared me for the massive energy needed to begin my healing work. I am also working on my Karuna Reiki Mastery, which will enable me to heal on a deeper level.  In 1997 I trademarked the name Avalon Crystals and began my journey on the internet offering the highest grade healing stones I could source.  Through my gemological knowledge and relationship with crystals and minerals,  I know deep within my heart that each and every stone sent out the door is exactly what you need at any given time. I also personally reiki your stone order before I ship, a free service for you all!

 I became an ordained minister in July of 2005, I now officiate weddings in the surrounding area of Okanogan.

 We moved back to our home town of Okanogan in 2009, we now live on 40 acres of Sagebrush with the best view in Okanogan County!

 After moving back to Okanogan we were lucky to find a new variety of Quartz at our mine.  We have named it Rainbow Mayanite for all of the gorgeous rainbow colors this crystal exhibits!  You can go here to learn more.  Rainbow Mayanite

Crystal Blessings to you and yours..........
Rev. Kellie Jo Conn, GG
The Crystal DEVA

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