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Avalon Crystals

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Here at Avalon Crystals you will find a large assortment of superior natural crystals and gemstones.  If you do not see what you are looking for please ask!  All prices are per each stone/crystal. 


Q -Do you have a catalog?  
A- No, the website is MY catalog!  For most of my items I may only have one specimen, and my stock changes on a regular basis.    It is just not feasible to send out hard copy catalogs to my clients.  

Q -How much does shipping cost?  
A- Shipping charges are based on weight and destination.  Therefore we need to know what you would like to order and where you are located before we can provide you with that information. Smaller packages under 2 pounds are shipped via  Priority US Mail for a standard fee of $8.00. All orders over $100 are also insured. 

Q -I live in a foreign country - can you ship an order to me?  
A- Yes!  I have many clients worldwide! We usually ship via US airmail post, however we can also ship via US surface post if you need to keep the cost down.  I will offer you a quote when you place your order. assumes no liability for shipments of foreign orders. We maintain copies of all customs forms on file as proof of shipment. The customer assumes all risks involved in receipt of order. 

Q -Where are you located?  
A- I am located in Okanogan, Washington.   All of my business is done via the internet, no showroom for clients.

Q -I found / have a rock that I would like identified and appraised. Can you do that for me? 

A- Sometimes!  If you would like to email me an image of your crystal I will try my best to identify it for you for free! However if you wish to send me crystals to identify and appraise via my gemstone identification lab then you will need to contact me for the fee.  I am a certified graduate gemologist (GIA). assumes no liability for property damage or personal injury resulting from the use of any product sold. Customers should be advised that crystals and stones are not recommended for children under the age of 4, and that crystals and stones should only be used by children under adult supervision. Crystals and stones can have sharp edges. Small crystals and stones should never be left near toddlers and babies; small stones, especially tumbled stones, have an appearance similar to candy.

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