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Grape Agate-Purple Chalcedony

Grape Agate is from east Indonesia, it's a new find of agate. It's actually a purple botryoidal (Grape Like Clusters) of agate that has formed in this very unique way. Much of it is covered with fantastic tiny quartz crystals that makes it sparkle and shine as though it's covered with glitter. Those tiny quartz crystals are referred to as "DRUZY QUARTZ". This new mineral find is absolutely outstanding in appearance. This natural stone would make great mineral specimens for your display case as an adornment item. It may also be used as an alternative health healing aid. I feel grape agate is the coolest new mineral that's been discovered in a very long time. In Indonesia the word "Grape Agate" translates to "Batu Manakarra" My supplier in Indonesia tells me, the area where this mineral is found will soon be mined out. Once they are gone, they are gone. Get yours now while they are still available! 

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