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Wavellite, Will Stones, Petrified Wood

On this page we offer an uncommon stone, a pale green colored stone from Arkansas, known as "Wavellite".  It's said that Wavellite is helpful in decision making. It may help one to see the entire situation before making a decision or coming to any premature or wrong conclusions.  Wavellite is also a fluorescent mineral under UV light (Black Light). It will appear intense green in color under UV lighting. "Will Stone" is another uncommon mineral. Healers claim it will bring you a power that's in accordance with the Will of God.  Take a look at our petrified Palm Wood. These petrified stone slabs are from the great state of Texas. It would make a fine stone for cutting and polishing into cabochons for mounting into jewelry. Petrified Palm Wood is a very hard and tough stone, it will produce a very fine, high polish! 

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