ABOUT- Meet Kellie the Crystal Deva 

RAINBOW MAYANITE- See our "exclusive" Rainbow Mayanite Quartz Crystals

GRAPE AGATE-I am thrilled to offer the finest Grape Agate Specimens

LAPIS LAZULI- We offer the finest Lapis Lazuli from the old Afghanistan mines

JEWELRY- See our gorgeous Moss Agate Rings, Pendants, and more!

GEMSTONES-View our large line of cut gemstones & cabochons

LABRADORITE-Cut and polished labradorite cabochons as healing stones or jewelry

MOSS AGATE-See our fantastic line of Indonesia Moss Agate cabochons for healing or jewelry

SERAPHINITE-Learn about and view this unusual stone

FLUORITE- Beautiful Rainbow Fluorite cabochons

CRAZY LACE AGATE- Check out these unique colorfully patterned cabochons

MOONSTONES- Get  your "glow on" with our magical glowing gemstones

RUBY FUCHSITE - Understanding love at a higher level

CALCITE-Fantastic calcite crystals featuring the lovely Golden Montana Calcite

GRAPE AGATE- See our gorgeous and incredible Grape Agate

SPIRIT OR CACTUS QUARTZ CRYSTALS-  Learn about these beautiful and unique crystals

FADEN QUARTZ CRYSTALS-  These Faden Crystals are all ethically mined in Balochistan Pakistan.  The energy within is very intense and fast acting!

                                             Stones, Crystals Minerals Pages from A to Z

"A" Page includes stones of amber, amazonite, actinolite, aegirine, afghanite, alexandrite and much more!

"B" Page includes barite, bastnasite, boji, beryl, boli, blue chalcedony, brazillianite, bustamite, bowenite and more!

"C" Page includes cacaxonite crystals, carnelian, celestite, charoite, chiastolite, citrine and more!

"D" Page offers danburite crystals, demantoid Garnets, desert Rose, diopside, dioptase, dravite, dumortierite and more!

"E" Page offers enstatite, epidote, euclase crystals, eudialyite, and evolution wands.

"F" Page includes faden crystals, feldspar, fire quartz, fluorite, fulgerite, fuschite and more!

"G" Page includes grape agate, garnets, demantoid, hessonite, melanite and goshenite.

"H" Page offers herkimer diamonds, hematite, herderite, holley blue, hiddenite and much more!

"I" Page includes stones of idiocrase, indicolite tourmaline crystals, infinite, iron pyrite cubes, pyrite eggs and more.

"J" Page offers stones such as jade, jet, jasper, and more.

"K" Page offers keyiapo crystals, kornerupine, kunzite, kyanite, and more.

"L" Page includes labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, lithium crystals, libyan glass, lodestone, and much more!

"M" Page includes manganocalcite, marcasite, merlinite, mochi marbles, meteorites, moonstones, mica, malachite and more. 

"N" Page offers nambulite, nebula stone, neptunite, nephrite jade, nuummite and more.

"O" Page offers obsidian, ocean jasper, oligoclase, opals and much more.

"P" Page includes healing stones such as peridot, prehnite, praseum quartz, pollucite, pietersite, pyromorphite, petalite and more.

"Q" Page offers quartz crystals, smokey, faden, que sera stones, rutile, tabby, chinese red phantom and more. 

"R" Page offers rhodochrosite, rhodonite, ruby, rutile crystals, rhyolite, rose quartz and much more!

"S" Page offers selenite, scheeite, shiva lingham stones,  strawberry quartz, sunstones, sugilite and more.

"T" Page includes tanzanite, tektites, thulite, tigers eye, topaz, tibeten crystals, tourmaline and much more!

"U" Page includes Unakite Wands, Uvarovite and more.

"V" Page includes stones such as variscite, vesuvianite, vivianite crystals, vanadinite minerals and more.

"W" Page offers wavellite, will stones, petrified wood and more.

"Y" Page offers youngite specimens.

"Z" Page offers zincite, zircon crystals and zebra stones.

Crystal Class offers alternative health information, how to use stones & crystals to improve ones health. Selecting, cleansing, dedicating and understanding chakras.

Gemstone Remedies a list of ailments and gemstone remedies to help you choose a stone for your ailment.

Quartz Configurations-  Quartz crystal growth habits. See all the different configurations of quartz crystals for healing.

Reiki- Learn about the ancient healing art of Reiki.  See Avalon's Reiki stones!

Links to Friends offers links to other alternative crystal and gemstone healing sites.