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 Mayanite™ Ice Crystals

A new variety of Quartz discovered in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington.  Our Mayanite Ice crystals occur in the formation of sheet quartz which are flat and relatively clear layers of Quartz and of course crystalline quartz (complete crystals). IN addition to sheet quartz many of these fine crystals offer unusual crystalline habits such as Record Keepers, Lazar, DT, Self Healed, Trigonic, Cathedral and Elestial (Skeletal) crystals! Discovered alongside our Rainbow Mayanite, Ice quartz allows you to experience where you've come from, being in oneness in the Light and yet allow you to remain aware of your individuality.


Let us discuss Ice, or what I refer to as Interstellar Ice……Beyond our planet Earth, far up into the Cosmos occurs Interstellar Ice where it floats throughout our solar system absorbing energy for many years.  It takes lifetimes for this process to complete.  When this Interstellar Ice is ready to become Earth water it undergoes a purification process.  Some 30 million years ago when the Cascade Mountains began to form this purified Interstellar Ice water found its way to these mountains and trickled down deep within.  Once this water found silica and oxygen, and the correct conditions of heat and pressure, our Mayanite Ice was born.

Demonstrating purity and unity in every molecule and atom within their being, Mayanite Ice crystals radiate with divine white light shining like beacons to attract you to their positive energy. Unlike our Rainbow Mayanite which offers the full spectrum of light……., Mayanite Ice tend to stimulate the finer, more subtle realms of our being.

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