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 Larimar Gemstone Pendants

I am very pleased to offer these one of a kind handcrafted Sterling Silver Larimar Pendants.  Larimar is coined 'The Jewel of the Indian Ocean' for its lovely light blue to aqua coloring. Larimar is a variety of the silicate mineral known as "pectolite".  The finest quality Larimar is from the Dominican Republic located in the Caribbean.  Larimar offers a gentle vibration which opens creativity in the throat area, helps soul mates to find one another while healing all negative karma.  Larimar also allows for open communication between soul mates.   This is an exciting stone which I feel should be worn and worked with on a continual basis.

Fibrous pectolite has long been a curiosity for gem collectors. Compact material can make wonderful cabochons, and transparent crystals are rare and usually tiny. In 1974, blue pectolite was found in the Dominican Republic. Known by the trade name Larimar, this blue gem has since become a popular jewelry stone.


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