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4th chakras.  "Healer of the heart and soul." Balances masculine and feminine energies. Creativity, Leadership, and fun. Assists one in making the "right" decisions. Surrounds the user in a blanket of Love. Protects Helps heal the Heart, lungs, and adrenals. Aries stone. Vibrates to the numbers 1 and 4.  These are in rough chunk form.  Wonderful color!



  • Metaphysical Properties-When you choose Amazonite to work with, it may mean that you are struggling with a form of self-expression.   The communication need not be verbal.  Your lifestyle, manner of dress, your movements and gestures are all ways in which you interact with the world.  This stone can stimulate communication on all levels of being, but like all physical body stones; it is primarily a physical expression.  Use Amazonite to express who you truly are!!  When using Amazonite in a healing session, place the stone on the throat chakra because it works better than any other stone in releasing blocks to the fifth energy center.


    Numerology- Amazonite vibrates to the number 5.  The number 5 has to do with independence, travel and freedom!


    Gemological Properties- Amazonite belongs to the family of minerals called Feldspar.  It is actually a Microcline Feldspar.  The appearance is semi-translucent to opaque with a light green to greenish blue color; many times displaying grid-like white streaks and a faint sheen.   This stone is usually cut into cabochons, beads and carvings and is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Norway, USSR and in the USA.

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