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Amber Tumble Stone-13

8  grams, 1.5 inch.

Blue Amber can be a tad darker so I am showing a picture

taken in regular lighting and also back lit so you can see the

intense coloring.


3rd chakra (solar plexus) Amber was one of the first substances used by man for decoration, and it was employed very early on

for amulets and medicinal purposes.  Those who owned Amber felt that they had a talisman of great power.


A highly calming stone that facilitates energy balancing and

cleansing. Removes psychic attacks and energy draining from

others. Used by healers as a protective shield against taking on others pain in healing work.  Also used as a preventative

measure for traveling, may also help to prevent jet lag or

sickness when traveling. 

Amber Tumble Stone-13

  • Metaphysical Properties-Amber was one of the first substances used by man for decoration, ingeniously carved animal forms have been discovered in Norway.  These curious objects were worn as amulets and were used to enhance the power of the stone.  Amber was also used at a very early period for medicinal purposes.  Today Amber is also valued as a healing stone for energy balancing, mental and emotional strength and to calm the nerves.

    I like to use Amber as a protection stone; it serves as a protective shield against taking on others pain in healing sessions.  You can easily clear (draw out negative energy) and protect your healing space, room, or office with Amber.  To do so, simply hold in your right hand (projection hand) a piece of Amber.  Imagine a bright golden light emanating from the Amber to the center of the room, corners, and ceiling.  As you do this, focus your intent on clearing the space of unwanted energies.  You may wish to say a short affirmation, I use this one; "May the golden light of Amber clear away unwanted energies and replace them with love and protection, So Be It."    This is great to do before meetings or at discussion groups where ideas are being exchanged as it brings clarity to aid in decision making.


    Numerology- Amber vibrates to the number 3.  Creativity and joy!


    Gemological Properties- Amber is the fossilized hardened resin of the Pine Tree, Pinus Succinifera, formed in the Eocene period about 50 million years ago.  Amber is usually light yellow to brown in color, but can also be in shades of red, blue, black and green.  It is organic in nature and does not have a crystal system; it is considered to be amorphous (without form).  Amber is usually found shaped as nodules, often with a weathered crust.  It is sometimes found with inclusions of insects and other organic matter such as parts of plants.  The largest deposit in the world is found in Eastern Poland; but Amber also occurs in burma, The Dominican Republic, The USA and on the sea beds of the Baltic Sea.

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