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Blue Chalcedony

5th chakra. Chalcedony is very useful in balancing the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  Blue is helpful in communication, allowing clarity in speech.  Symbolizes 'good will' and may improve mental stability. It also helps one to develop inner knowledge and interconnectedness with others. Blue symbolizes wisdom and psychic activities. This is some of the most beautiful Blue Chalcedony we have ever seen.  Tumble polished. 

Blue Chalcedony

  • Metaphysical Properties- This is a lovely stone from South Africa.  The deep blue saturation of Blue Chalcedony reminds me of the calming effect of the ocean.  To gaze into its depth is like looking into a bright pool of water.  This stone is very calming and ads the element of peace and goodwill to everyone.  I also like to use Blue Chalcedony when I have a public speaking engagement; it allows me to speak with authority and truth.  If you are not sure what exactly your truth is, then allow the energetic qualities of this stone speak to you.  I am a huge fan of all colors of chalcedony and feel that more work should be done to see what this stone is about.  I am sure that we will all be learning more in the near future.


    Numerology- All Chalcedony vibrates to the number 9.  This number is very spiritual and instills wisdom.


    Gemological Properties- Blue Chalcedony is actually a microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz. 
    This stone is semitransparent to translucent and is usually seen as light to medium yellowish green.  The chemical composition is SiO2 and is from the trigonal crystal system.  The refractive index is 1.54 and the specific gravity is 2.60. Blue Chalcedony is fairly hard being a 7 on the Moes' hardness scale and is usually seen cut into cabochons, cameos, carvings, beads, and tablets.  The main sources are from Australia, India and the US.