The stones were found at a remote place in the Rub al Khali, which is the famous desert which once Lawrance from Arabia squared. They are chemically CaCO3. Because of their very intense energetic vibrations which has also bee described by highly sensitive persons their popularity was strongly raised. The name Boli-Stone was given by the finder who discovered them November 2008 on a distant desert area of the Saudi Arabian Penninsular while he was looking for sacred light stones. He realized them because the boli stones were often just sitting between and together with those sacred light stones.

Boli Stone

  • Boli stones are teaching us at a more emotional level: The deeper you dig inside yourself the higher you rise like a skyscraper building to your and your civilizations edges with your consciousness. You will more likely be less distracted by any clouds of suffering, victimization, blaming, struggling and illusions over all when handling this boli stones.

    Bolis were/are each for itself perfect Skalenoedran Crystals (see picture) and were/are tossed up from down of the earth and were/are floating to the surface layers of the sand of the desert some meters higher. The sand of this desert is soft -  consists of mostly tiny calcic particles which wind polishes the wonderful Skalenoedran Crystals to rounded, glassy appearing objects.  Sacred light stones in the contrary may have been (according to a dream of the author) created or co-created from above probably by a process called lightning hitting the surface of the desert.