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Weighs 36 carats.

Metaphysical Properties- This is a very rare crystal from Brazil.  Some say that this crystal works with the third eye and heart centers.  It allows us to bring love and understanding of love/relationships to the next level.  I find this to be the best crystal for understanding the wants and needs of each other in all relationships.  Understand why relationships need to grow and what we can do as individuals to improve them.  I find this stone to be useful in understanding children, it gives the parents an idea of how and why the child needs nurturing, then gives us the momentum to do what is necessary to raise healthy children.

Robert Simmons feels that Brazilianite carries the vibrational energy of the ancient civilization of Atlantis and is associated with the creative power and force of directed and focused will, which was instrumental in many of the astounding accomplishments of the beings who dwelt there.  Whether Atlantis actually existed on the material plane of the Earth or was in a higher frequency domain, invisible to most of us now, the stone Brazilianite serves as a conduit for what one might call' The Atlantean energies'.  These energies, when focused through ones own consciousness, can assist one in extraordinary acts of creativity and manifestation.  The most obvious use for Brazilianite is to amplify the potency of ones's own creative seeds and direct them into manifestation through the balanced use of the will.  The will is primarily expressed through the third chakra, or solar plexus.  Naisha Ashian feels that it is most stimulating and cleansing on both physical and energetic levels.  It can assist one in releasing anger or resentment.  It can assist one in gaining courage to put forth ones own ideas to the world, and so it is an excellent ally for writers and artists.  Brazilianite allows one to come out into the world and to share ones gifts and talents with others. It helps one to feel empowered and to abandon victim roles or manipulation of others.



We are what is called Brazilianite on your plane. We are a Universe center perspective and are a green aspect of a gold-yellow vibration. Gold yellow would refer to a perspective which bridges both the gold and yellow perspectives within creation. From our perspective within the Universe, we are a unified perspective of all gold yellow perspectives within the Universe within the mineral kingdom. Yellow is the highest individualized expression of the Mother within the chakra system. Gold is the perspective of unity and oneness of all that is. We are the link between the two. We are the doorway into all that is for others to experience and feel the yellowness of motherness. We help to link yellow into the infinite. Yellow helps the infinite to link into the finite and into the mother perspective. Within your experience we are able to help you bridge these two perspectives together within the unified perspective of Universe center. In this way all gold yellow links within the first dimensional aspects of your light body through Universe levels, are able to be assisted with their functioning.

The Universe center perspective deals mainly with issues at the mental/psychological level. However, many imbalances at this level manifest within the physical, but are not source within the physical structure of light body. The mental levels with which we are associated deal with issues of identity, specificly with the feminine side of identity. Issues and blockages within this area are centered around the difficulty of the Mother perspective moving through into the Male side and the feminine being expressed within the male, mental faculties of self. Physical symptoms associated with this area of dysfunction would result in being overweight, the difficulty of energy moving through, up and out. The mental side fills in the deficiency of our connectedn