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4th and 6th chakras. Bustamite is found with Sugilite and Richterite in South Africa.  It is a very colorful and beautiful stone which many are drawn to. I have been out of this material for some time and was looking forward to the Tucson show so I could make my purchase! Being one of the first to look through this material at the gem show, this new stock is a better grade and much deeper in color.  Use Bustamite to activate the heart chakra, re-align the energy channels, and to stimulate health.  I find this to be a very passionate stone, feelings of love and peace while knowing I am apart of the Universe.  Use for building love in relationships. Bustamite is a powerful stone for initiation and good for dream time, stimulating awareness. Highly recommended.


  • Metaphysical Properties- This is a good stone to have in your healing kit for it does many things.  One of the most important reasons to use Bustamite is to eliminate energy blocks throughout the system.  However, it is also used in ceremonies and initiations.  Bustamite allows us to feel safe and secure in our environment, take to your place of work when you feel a need to get along with others.  Some like to use this stone to aid meditation, it allows the security needed to venture further into the self.  When I feel stressed, I use Bustamite to help me to get to a state of complete calm.  When used with Chrysoprase, Bustamite helps us to explore relationships and issues of the heart.


    Numerology- This stone vibrates to the number 2.  The number 2 is about cooperation, compromise and peace.


    Gemological Properties- Bustamite is a Calcian variety of Rhodonite, containing zinc substituting for manganese.  In other words, a manganese calcium silicate.  Translucent to transparent.  Predominantly pale to deep pink; also red, brownish red, and red brown.  The refractive index is a 1.716 and the specific gravity is 3.60.  Hardness is a 6.  The main source for this material is from South Africa.  However it is also found in Australia and the USA