Candle Quartz-2

We are that which is called candle quartz. We are a yellow aspect of a yellow-orange Ancient One perspective. From our perspective we are an aspect of Self which bridges the consciousness of yellow and orange. In this way we are a link or union of the energies and perspective of yellow and orange. Yellow is the highest individualized perspective of Mother and resonates within the light body at the navel area. Yellow corresponds to 5th dimension and 5th overtone vibrations. Orange is a 4th dimensional energy corresponding to the sacral chakra. To better understand how the functioning of these perspectives works within the unity of self, we would like to introduce the nature of each of the lower chakras and how the nature of each relates to the whole.

The first chakra/dimension is the black or mother nature. It represents within its essence the core individuality of all that is, all that we are. Within the first level, all chakras/dimensional are expressed at the core elemental essences of Self. These are the core "building blocks" upon which all else expressed combines in one way or another to create the variety of form and perspective. Within your light bodies the chakra, energy, chi layer are expressions of the Mother level within Self. Another example would be the grid system which flows from the 2nd (brown) aspect (chakra, overtone) of the Mother (1st dimension, black chakra). Electrical energy flows from the 7th (gold) overtone of the Mother level. Microwaves emanate from the ninth (third eye) overtone of the Mother level.

The second chakra/dimension/overtone level is the brown level. This level corresponds to the white circle in the Taoist yin-yang symbol. It is a polarized expression of the Father (white). From this level, the second layer of organization/perspective is expressed. Within your light body, you would consider the "physical" body as of this level. All organs and other body aspects are vibrationally 2nd dimensional expressions. What you would call "physicality" is from your current perspective of the brown, 2nd level. Plants and animals are aspects of self expressing at this level in these forms. Micro organisms emanate from the black, first overtone of the 2nd level; insects from the 3rd, grass from the second. Crystals with brown vibrations would connect at some level and way to this level of expression. Consciousness of this level might be referred to as "body" (physical) perspective consciousness.

The third level, chakra/dimension/overtone corresponds to the root chakra and is red. At this level of organization, the individual perspective expressed would be considered your ego, your personality. This level of identity would be the sum of the other two expressed as a singularity. Thus, John, Mary, Joe are 3rd level expressions of self, expressing as the sum of 1st, and 2nd levels. There are also similar identities at the 1st and 2nd levels. The 2nd level expression would be bodyness. (Astral language)

The forth level, dimension/overtone/chakra, is orange and expresses the individual perspective expanding into its vertical and horizontal linkages of self and expressing self as the sum of these linked relational perspectives. Vertical linkage would correspond to connecting to other (greater) Self operating at other dimensional levels. Horizontal linkage refers to relationships with other aspects of self on your plane (crystals, plants, animals, micro organisms, etc...) which help to define identity. Thus fourth dimensional consciousness refers to sensing self as the collective expression of other aspects of horizontal and vertical self unified in self identity.

The fifth level, dimension/overtone/chakra, is yellow and expresses as an expansion of conscious identity into Earth Self. At this level of linkage, the collective expression of Selfless at all levels of Earth planes between 1 and 5 unite with all other beings and create a unified collective expression. From this perspective, all individualized expressions of the lower levels are unified and see self as the unity of these collective expressions. Briefly, green is the expansion of the yellow collective into the Solar collective perspective, and gold (7) is the link into all Solar systems within the Galaxy.

Thus, when we identify ourselves as a yellow orange Ancient One perspective, we are operating at the level of self awareness (Ancient attribute) at the level of yellow (collective perspective of the group) and orange (the collective awareness of Earth self identity). We help one to bridge the gap between expanded individual identity and group identity.

There are certain "symptoms" which express within your lives as a result of separation from the Us which is you. Difficulties in relating to others, not only life in human form, but all forms of life. The difficulty would be sourced in the inability to connect to that level of collective identity within which all are perceived as connected. The ability to integrate our perspective and activate this perspective within yourself may not be completely available to all at this time on your plane. There are many different timing activation's for individuals in place on your plane, so while one may be drawn to us, the activation of us within you may not occur at this time. There will be many who are drawn to us over the next two years as their time for this activation is at hand.


Candle Quartz-2