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Cassiterite Cluster

1st chakra.  This lustrous metallic crystal can be used for grounding and for protecting oneself from all physical danger, use when taking on challenging physical events such as sporting activities or when driving long distances.  Metallic minerals are very reflective, they can reflect to others our true thoughts and who we really are.  I feel Cassiterite is good in relationships for its 'mirroring' quality.  Reflect to others your essense or spirit today!


  • Metaphysical Properties- This is a metallic gray to black mineral/crystal. 1st chakra. Cassiterite is a stone for personal protection.  Being metallic, Cassiterite acts somewhat like Hematite, shielding and protecting one from negative energy.  It basically reflects back negativity to the sender.  Being Cassiterite is dark, shiny and black, it is used as a grounding stone when one feels flighty or out of sink with the energy of the Earth.  Use this stone to get your energy back into balance, a good idea is to take your Cassiterite out into nature with you and allow it to bond with the gentleness of the Earth and to you.
    Cassiterite is also used to dispel energy relating to disapproval, it encourages optimism. Useful in fields relating to mathematics and astrology.

    Numerology- Vibrates to the number 2, partnerships and cooperation.

    Gemological Properties-  The chemical composition is SnO2 or Tin-oxide.  Cassiterite is from the Tetragonal crystal system and is usually seen in stubby prisms.  The refractive index is very high 2.00.  Specific gravity is 6.8 with a hardness of 6-7 on the Moe’s Scale.  A few of the localities are China, England, Germany and South Africa.

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