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Chopaka Spirit Stone-34

AVALON EXCLUSIVE!!  New to the healing world- Chopaka Spirit Stones!

Be the first to work with this spectacular high energy healing stone!


We discovered this new variety of healing stone a few summers ago while prospecting some high mountain desert areas in Okanogan County which we had not yet visited.  It was a hot day so we thought we would take a few minutes to cool off in a lake alongside the trail. While swimming we found these unusual stones on the shallow lake bottom! 


I have been working with this highly energetic stone since and am now ready to share my findings with you.  The first thing I wanted to find out was the chemical composition of this lake water because the water had a soapy way about.  After researching I found that this high mountain desert lake contains mostly a sodium carbonate, with potassium, sulfate, and magnesium.


The second thing I wanted to do was to find out what exactly this round stone is composed of.  After performing many gemological tests including high magnification, hardness, streak test, etc. my results conclude that these are a new variety of concretion.  What exactly is a concretion? The definition of a concretion states “a hard, compact mass of matter formed by the precipitation of mineral cement within the spaces between particles, starting with a “seed” that is found in sedimentary rock or soil. Concretions are often ovoid or spherical in shape, although irregular shapes also occur”. 


I would like to think of this ‘seed’ as the birth of the sacred Chopaka Stone.  Now I wonder, what energy could this seed be hosting?  In the Native American Language of our region, the definition of Chopaka is Big Mountain.  Could this also be defined as Big Energy, YES! Could this seed be similar or a cousin to the famous Himalayan Quartz Crystals, I say YES!


To understand this new sacred healing stone better, I needed to figure out what minerals this round stone is composed of.  Under strong magnification of 100x we could see crystals of colorless Quartz, black Magnetite, green Epidote and yellow Apatite. The number of Quartz Crystals compared to the number of these other minerals is significant. This tells me that the energy is not only highly pure but also very clear.


As you may know, colorless Quartz is about bringing clarity into your life, karmic forgiveness, reflecting deeply within, expansion, purity, honesty, and truth.  Some say that clear or colorless Quartz is ‘frozen light’ (therefore containing all colors).


Black Magnetite is a good choice for those of us wishing to connect with the energies of the earth. It is also about being able to ground your energies when life becomes too much.  I find the Chopaka Spirit Stones feel like Boji stones in this aspect, that same Boji calming energies. Magnetite is also used on the physical level to balance the polarities of the body, great for those aches and pains as well as arthritis. And lastly is used in many types of ceremonies.


Green Epidote Opens those who have refused their spiritual growth. Clears the emotional body aura. Cleanses old repressed emotions once and for all. *Those drawn to this stone are being shaken into spiritual awakening.  Again, a similar energy to the Boji Stone.


Yellow Apatite signifies courage, strength and good will.  Enhances creativity while clearing mental confusion.  Awaken your inner self through the golden light of Yellow Apatite.


I want to touch on the birth seed of this stone. Both Washington State and the Himalayan mountains are in the same latitude on planet Earth, therefore I feel that these sacred Chopaka Stones may exhibit similar energies to the Himalayan Quartz Crystal.  From what I understand, the Himalayan quartz crystal offers a connection to higher guidance, they carry the vibrations of shamanic healers who have lived in this mountainous region for centuries.


So, what does the Chopaka Spirit Stone have to offer us on a metaphysical level? 

What I have learned so far is that this stone is very useful for those who wish to connect to a higher energy such as your spirit guides.  Cleanses old repressed emotions while shaking you into a spiritual awakening. Enhances creativity while clearing mental confusion. Allows you to reflect from deep within and expand your honesty/truth. Allows us to be grounded with the similar energy to Boji Stones and finally Chopaka Spirit stones can be used as a tool in sacred ceremonies.


On a physical level they could assist us in lessoning arthritic pain, ease anxiety, ease the pain associated with migraines, and possibly regenerate ailing organs.


Over time I am sure each of us will discover other healing benefits and uses. Like a library of information, each tiny crystal within the stone is a chapter, each chapter is a story. What will this library of information tell you? What is your story?  


I would enjoy hearing your experiences!  And stay tuned for more healing benefits.

Chopaka Spirit Stone-34

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