Stone of Virgo. This extremely powerful and rare rock has been written about in a book called "Love is in the Earth-by Melody. Melody has written many books on the metaphysical properties of crystals and minerals states that this special rock is good for mental acuity, mental and physical communication, to help with teaching and focus thoughts as well as to help the holder find purpose in life and it also an excellent "merchant stone".


  • This unique stone enhances the intellect, activating both the left and right sides of the brain concurrently. It provides increased mental perception and the reasoning process is truly enhanced. It helps to reinforce and to augment the ability of communication of ideas to others and especially helpful to those in the teaching profession. It also acts to increase receptivity, the inquisitive mind, and the desire to learn on the part of students and has been used for gridding classroom environments. It has been used in debate situations to instill excellence and attention to detail. Cumberlandite has been used to impart a sense of purpose to ones activities and ones life path. 

    It has been used in the treatment of disorders related to movement, mental acuity and strain, and uncontrolled nervous energy. It can assist in the treatment of disorders of the brain, the sympathetic nervous system and the thyroid and parathyroid glands.