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pink danburite crystals

4th and 7th chakra. Transforms negative energy and blocks into positive energy. Increases connection to angels and guides. Opens Heart chakra and raises love to a higher level. Danburite is a stone of celebration and pure joy! Use this bright crystal to activate the etheric chakras to allow for vision work, dream work or other astral pursuits. Encourage play and fun! These are the finest Danburite crystals we have ever seen. Wonderfully slightly pink terminated gem crystals.


  • Metaphysical Properties- Danburite's healing properties work well with the Vision and Heart Chakras. (for those of you not familiar with the Vision Chakras, they are located behind the eyes. The eyes can be used in healing as well as for visualization and manifesting our needs. The Vision Chakras are considered to be "minor centers" but are important for psychic healers.) Danburite is a bright, delightful crystal, which commonly occurs in colorless and light pink varieties.  The pink variety works with the heart chakra to bring self-love to the user. The frequencies help to connect us more fully with ourselves. 
    Danburite also enhances creativity by helping your thoughts to flow easier. The colorless or (silver) variety increases psychic vision and promotes connection with angels and guides while opening visual awareness of other realms, planets, and dimensions. Danburite intensifies all other healing energies as well.  It is often called the "stone of joy and celebration" encouraging people to get along with others.


    Numerology- Danburite vibrates to the number two, which is about harmony and gentleness, a willingness to cooperate and to be thoughtful of each other.


    Gemological Properties- Danburite is a mineral species in the orthorhombic crystal system; it has a chemical composition of CaB2(SiO4)3.  The refractive index is 1.630-1.636 and the specific gravity is 3.00.  Danburite has a hardness of 7 on the Moe's scale.  The major sources are Mexico, Burma, Japan and Madagascar.

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