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Fairy Goddess Stones-11

These soft and smooth healing stones are known as "Goddess Stones" and "Fairy Stones.” The stones being offered on my website are from Morocco. The gemological name is Menalite a calcium rich mineral, white or off white/cream, pale beige/brown or pale grey in coloration.  These are very white symbolizing purity on all levels.

Goddess Stone assists with connecting to the Divine Feminine power of the Universe, Mother Earth Gaia, and your own personal sacred feminine wisdom. It is the intuitive, instinctual sense of truth and wisdom which is not subject to logic but is no less grounded with the Earth Plane.


 This stone is great for connecting with what you "just know" and forming a peace of mind around the cycles of life as all will reveal itself in time. Goddess stone can also be used to connect with feminine ancestral wisdom via spirit guides, higher beings, or passed on loved ones during meditation or on altars.


Allow your inner Goddess to Shine through! 

Fairy Goddess Stones-11

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