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Fluorite DT Wands

6th chakra. Aids meditation, allows one to focus on tasks, use for mental concentration. Great to bring to your place of employment if you need to focus on projects.  Wands are a good choice to use in ceremony for they allow a group to focus energy into the task at hand.  Massage therapists also use wands to direct healing energy to the area of the body needed most.  Size is approx. 3 inches.



Metaphysical Properties- Fluorite slices can display many colors. These include yellow, blue, green, purple, clear, and pink.  Being they are multi colored, I feel they can be used for many issues, especially those relating to tasks and decision making.  Take a slice of multi-colored Fluorite to your work place to enable you to get your thoughts out and down on paper.  This stone is very stimulating and one I use quite often.


Numerology- This stone vibrates to many numbers being it has so many colors.


Gemological Properties- Fluorite is a mineral species from the cubic crystal system.  The chemical composition is CaF2.  The hardness of Fluorite is a 4, fairly soft.   The refractive index is 1.434 and the specific gravity is 3.18.  These particular slices are from Peru.


Fluorite DT Wands

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