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Red Garnet

1st chakra (root) Opens root chakra while drawing earth energy into the body. Stimulates life-force, boosts sexuality, and fertility. Garnets offer nourishing Earth energy to those who need it and is a very powerful first chakra activator. Some feel that red Garnet will increase the flow of blood throughout the body and is a grand stimulator.  Use in combination with Ruby to balance the polarity. These crystals are from Alaska and are highly sought after for there near-perfect crystal formation.


  • Metaphysical Properties- Red Garnet opens the root chakra while drawing earth energy into the body. Stimulates life-force, boosts sexuality and fertility.  It works to move energy though the light body and circulatory system. Garnet also deals with issues of survival and abandonment.  Use Red Garnet to understand the cause of these issues and then begin to heal them.  It is thought of as a stone of purification, elimination and cleansing.  Physically Red Garnet is used to treat disorders of the blood, heart, and lungs.  I like to use Bloodstone and Garnet together in a healing session for Bloodstone works to strengthen the physical body so that the Garnet can do its work of moving energy throughout the entire system.  I lay these stones on the areas of the body (chakras) which I feel are best to increase energy.


    Numerology- Red Garnet vibrates to the number 2.  The number 2 is about partnerships, cooperation and gentleness.


    Gemological Properties- We will speak of two red varieties of Garnet, these are referred to as Almandine and Pyrope.   The dark red Almandine variety is usually seen as ‘Star garnet’and is composed of Fe3Al2(SiO4)3.  The Pyrope variety is very common and the chemical composition is Mg3Al2(Si04)3.  Garnet belongs to the Cubic crystal system and is red to deep red in color.  The hardness is 7-7 ½.  It is found in many countries including the United States, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Africa, and others.

    Note: The color Red symbolizes energy, strength, physical existence, and vitality.  It is associated with the material side of life (abundance) and survival issues.  It is used to stimulate the life-force, increase circulation and to energize the nervous system. Red increases your connection with the Earth, it gives strength and will to live in the physical world. It speaks of fertility and sexual issues. Red is the color of the 'root' or first chakra. 

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