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Garnet var. Hessonite

2nd and 3rd chakras.  Hessonite encourages one to seek new challenges while giving us the confidence we need to do so. Great for those who suffer from insecurity or feelings of inferiority.  Allow Hessonite to boost your will-power.  Use Hessonite during meditation, see where this incredible stone takes you!  This is a wonderful stone for enhancing creativity, it also allows us the proper nourishing we may need at any time.

Garnet var. Hessonite

  • Metaphysical Properties- Hessonite Garnet is what I refer to as a 'stone of creativity'.  Used on the third chakra, Hessonite will stimulate creativity on all levels.  Some like to use this stone to encourage self-respect, respect of others, and spiritual growth. 
    Hessonite also allows us to say good-bye to outworn or unusable ideas, view, agreements, and behavioral patterns which we have out grown.  On the Physical level, Hessonite is used to regulate hormone production, stimulates metabolism, fortifies the immune system, and encourages absorption of nutrients.


    Numerology- Hessonite vibrates to the number 6.  It is about home and family.  Creating a loving environment.


    Gemological Properties- Hessonite Garnet is from the Grossularite mineral species belonging to the Garnet group.  The crystal system is cubic and offers a chemical composition of Ca3AL2(SiO4)3.  It us usually seen in transparent to semi-transparent crystals with a light to dark yellow to reddish orange color. The hardness is a 7, refractive index is 1.74, specific gravity is 3.61.  Hessonite is found in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil and Canada. 

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