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This unusual stone comes into one's life for the specific purpose of teaching.  Allows information and thoughts to be processes in simple to understand terms. I find these interesting shaped crystals to be filled with light and joy.  I feel much happier just holding one!  I also like to sit and meditate with this joyful crystal.  I find it to be a gentle vibration, so pay attention to the spirit!

$25.00 each.  Size is 1+ inches.


  • Metaphysical Properties- Not much is written on the properties of Glendonite.  My thoughts are that this stone will help one to discover their lives purpose.  On a physical level, Glendonoite is helpful to heal broken bones, abrasions, strengthening of the teeth and bones, and regenerates cell tissue.

    Numerology- Glendonite vibrates to the number 6.  It is about home and family.  Creating a loving environment.

    Gemological Properties- Glendonite is a calcite pseudomorph after ikatite.  It is from Olenitsa village, Kola Peninsula, Russia.