Golden Stellar Beam Crystal



Golden Calcite Stellar Beam-12


    These crystals are from Montana, USA.  They exhibit unusual chevrons (striations) unique to this locality.  Montana's geology is diverse and complex.  In some areas sedimentary deposits were either uplifted or covered with volcanics.  Therefore, there is a large reservoir of Calcite and Dolomite available from these formations.  Hydrothermal action brings some of the carbonates to the surface.  Other places some of the Calcite is dissolved by weak acids from rain water, probably increased in acidity by the carbon dioxide of decaying plants.  (Caves are a good example of this).

    So, where does this leave our Calcite crystals? One can only theorize.  My guess is that these crystals are formed by a 2 solution process. Originally these crystals formed through sedimentary precipitation and then were brought to the surface through hydrothermal means.  AS for the chevrons, my feelings are that these crystals sat in their place on the host rock for who knows how long.  When the time was right the acidic rain water began to drip on the top side of the crystal and began to dissolve parts of the crystal face, that is why you only see 2 or 3 faces with these chevrons.  And that is also why you do not see many of these crystals with chevrons, the acidic rain water did not drip on them while they were in the host rock.  Why the perfect striations and not random etching? My theory is that maybe there was some sort of metallic mineral that was dusted in an even pattern on top of the crystal faces, when the acidic rain water dripped on this metallic mineral, possible an iron oxide, the rain water was repelled or reflected.


    Metaphysical Properties- 3rd chakra. Energetically speaking these stones are emotional as well as mental. Of course the basic properties of Golden Calcite are associated with self-esteem and worth.  These Golden Chevron Calcite crystals bring out creativity, stimulates wisdom and aids manifesting.  Connects the lower with the higher mental bodies. Protects and strengthens the aura.  Allows our wisdom to shine through.

    The unique outer striations (chevrons) can be looked upon as Inner phantoms that have manifested into the form of outer phantoms (chevrons), manifesting our inner wisdom in a way that lets us understand at a mental level. (stores information relating to learning about oneself.)  These outer phantoms manifest what is inside of us and projects it to the outside world.  Showing your personality to the world, your true-self without fear.

    Could these 'chevrons' be inter dimensional time gates or links to another time and place?  By using the Chevron Calcite crystal one maybe able to access past lives and by doing so discoveries may be made about one's true self. (Personality). 

    Physically this crystal relates to bones, muscles, teeth and tissue. Digestive system and nervous system.


    Numerology-Golden Chevron Calcite is a number 6.  The number six is always a teacher because of its strong love of truth and justice. Wanting to guide and educate; finding the truth. This golden chevron calcite provides the wisdom needed to enable one to learn their 'truth'.    I also see this crystal as a caretaker of spiritual affairs.


    Gemological Properties- Golden calcite is a mineral species from the hexagonal crystal system.  The chemical composition is CaCO3. The refractive index is 1.48-1.65 and the specific gravity is 2.70.  This stone is fairly soft being only a 3 on the Moe’s Scale of hardness.  Calcite is fairly abundant and is found all over the world.  However, for this discussion we are referring to the Golden Calcite from Montana which is specifically Schalahedron crystal formation.