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herkimer diamonds quartz

Transpersonal chakra. Creates mental clarity, expands awareness, draws ones soul-mate and soul-friends. Aids in remembering dreams. Using Sugilite and Herkimer diamonds together will help you to understand the spirit world and how it pertains to you.  Herkimer Diamonds are also about being clear when you voice your opinions. Make others understand you more easily. The clarity and brilliance of these crystals are incredibly powerful and visually stunning. 

Herkimer Diamonds

  • Metaphysical Properties- Herkimer's are known as the “attunement stone”, use this crystal to attune oneself with the environment, an activity or another person.  They are also said to retain information that is programmed into them.  This information can be retrieved at a later date.  Why not program 2 Herkimer Diamonds with love and healing, give one to your partner/friend, and you will be in constant attunement!  You may wish to try this with a group as well. 
    I like to use them to create mental clarity while expanding my awareness and bringing me a positive attitude.  I find this especially helpful when I have to work for long hours. These crystals act as a filter to release toxins from the body as well as boost the immune system. As with other double terminated Quartz crystals, when placed between two chakras they will work to clear the way for energy to flow between the two centers.  Some like to place a Herkimer under their pillow at night it hope of remembering details from their dreams. I suggest that everyone should have a Herkimer Diamond in their healing kit.  Let these bright and lively crystals add some sparkle to your life!


    Numerology- Herkimer Diamonds vibrate to the number 3.  Creativity and Joy!


    Gemological Properties- Herkimer Diamonds are actually brilliant  double-terminated Quartz Crystals, (Sio2).   These bright ‘diamond like’ crystals were originally discovered in Herkimer New York, USA.  Now I understand that you can find ‘Herkimers’ in Africa, Mexico and Spain.  Amethyst Herkimers are found in Africa and Mexico; sometimes you will see these beautiful crystals with inclusions of rutile or goethite. 

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