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Holley Blue Agate-2

Size is 1 inch. Casual Body Chakra. One of my favorite stones for we mined this ourselves in Oregon many years ago.  What a wonderful time for me, thoughts of Holley Blue bring me nothing but pure happiness and joy. I find I am more at ease in difficult situations when I am wearing my Holley Blue Ring. This beautiful stone focuses one's life purpose for this incarnation. Opens and balances the casual body chakra allowing for transmission of spiritual energy into your awareness. A good aid for new channelers. This is an extremely beautiful stone. 

Holley Blue Agate-2

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    Metaphysical Properties- Holley Blue Agate is a beautiful variety of crypto-crystalline quartz from the state of Oregon, in the US.   It is named Holley Blue, for the town nearest the collecting area is called 'Holley' and the original material (first diggings) were deep blue in color similar to other blue chalcedony.  This gemstone takes a fantastic polish making exquisite cabochons and carvings Holley Blue actually has three colors; blue, pink, and violet. The violet will open the mind up to new information and a greater sense of connection, the blue will add peace to this knowing and a stillness of the mind – knowing rather than thinking.   The pink will allow this information to be viewed with love and with wisdom.

    I find Holley Blue Agate to aid meditation; Holley allows me to easily slip into the meditative state.  It brings a sense of security during meditation promoting a feeling that 'everything is OK'.  Sometimes when I am meditating I become fearful and do not really tune into my meditation.  Meditating with the Holley, I did not feel afraid, I explored new depths of meditation in a safe environment.  I find that Holley Blue aids in under-standing that I am not alone, I am apart of the Universe. It has helped me grow in my spirituality while giving me a sense of balanced achievement. Holley also is good to work with to explore your dreams, making it much easier to remember your dreams.

    Being that Holley Blue has a high content of Opal, I feel it to be an emotionally based stone as well as mental. I feel that Holley also allows one to become aware of their emotions and feelings. It allows one to mentally understand what they are feeling for the first time.  In other words, it brings gentle understanding to why a person is feeling the way they do.

    Another way to look at it would be that this stone is a blending of both a crystalline ray and an opalescent ray.  The crystalline ray is very orderly and linear, the energy is more structured.  The opal ray works around the orderly crystalline ray in a fluid manner, seeping into the areas that need healing without force.  This energy knows where to go to promote healing in a gentle and loving manner.  Holley Blue agate is a stone that is as beautiful as it is healing.   A good use of Holley Blue would be to help you accept situations in your life that you cannot control.

    Physically I have found this stone to lesson the pain of  'stress' headaches and to relax stiff muscles.  Promotes restful sleep while relieving depression.  Aids in relaxing a nervous stomach.  To use Holley as an aid for an upset stomach, simply pass this stone over the solar plexus stomach area.  Visualize the healing energy of this stone working to melt away or remove this pain.


    Numerology- Holley Blue Agate vibrates to the number 2 and is associated with the astrological sign of Virgo.   The element is water.


    Let us prepare for meditation….This meditation can be done out of doors on a nice day, or if you prefer to be indoors this is fine as well.  The main objective is to find a place where you feel the most comfortable without being disturbed.  I prefer to meditate out of doors in the woods surrounding my home, the tall evergreen trees give me a sense of security which allow me to explore even deeper aspects of myself.  If you prefer to be indoors take the phone off the hook, turn down the lights, add relaxing music of you wish and light a candle and/or incense.  Let's get comfy!

    Now I would like you to sit in the lotus position (cross-legged) or if you prefer to lie down, this is fine as well.  With the Holley Blue in your left hand and a small quartz crystal in your right hand, it is time to close your eyes.  We are using a Quartz Crystal in this meditation to focus the intent of your meditation.  I would like you to take several deep-cleansing breaths and as you do so, I would like you to notice how it feels as your lungs fill with oxygen, notice how your chest expands.  On the exhale allow your chest and entire body to go limp.  Notice how still you become with each exhale.


    I want you to visualize that you are in a green lush meadow.  It is springtime and the meadow is covered with wild flowers of all colors.  You feel the cool green grass under your feet and a warm breeze is touching your skin, making you feel comfortable and at ease.  As you look across the meadow, you notice a sparkling, brilliant pond in the distance, you decide to walk across the meadow to get a better view.   As you walk through the tall cool grass, you take in all of the scents the meadow has to offer.  You smell the sweet scent of Lavender, looking down you pick a handful of this fragrant flower.  As you take in this highly calming scent, you notice that your worries are melting away.  You reach the pond and decide to sit by the water edge.  The immense beauty and energy of this sacred place is bringing you closer to the Earth.  As you allow your body to be immersed in this feeling, allow your mind to go into the silence and experience what is there for you.  Ask yourself what it is you seek from this body of water, is it Serenity? Peace? Clarity? Cleansing? Grounding? Patience?  Understanding?  Take all the time you need to find your Healing?  Take all the time you need to find your answers.  When you are ready to come back, you are whole and complete.  Open your eyes feeling refreshed and wide-awake.


    Gemological Properties-  Holley Blue is an Agate, or cryptocrystalline quartz. Quartz is a group of mineral species which is from the hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system.  The chemical composition is SIO2, refractive index is 1.544-1.553 with a specific gravity of 2.66.  The Holley Blue Agate we are speaking of originates in the town of Holley in the state of Oregon, USA. 

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