Hyalite stones

7th chakra. This is a remarkable stone in its capacity to allow us to see the magic and divinity within the very cells of our body and the physical. Often we see the physical body or material plane as being "poor" or "lesser" and strive to seperate ourselves from it to reach for higher spiritual understanding.  However the material plane is an echo of the divine and within every cell of every plant, within every cell of every person, there is that timeless magic and divinity.  The aim is not to reach from the physical up to the divine but to bring the spirit down into our daily lives - to make spirit fully into flesh and live that reality.  That is a part of what Hyalite teaches. 


  • In a related way, Hyalite speaks of the deeper mysteries of union that take place between people when they connect intimately.  There can be a melding of spirits that happens when two bodies meet in love. However some people struggle with a perceived contradiction between sex and spirituality, feeling that there is something to "earthly" in sex and feel they should move beyond it.  In this struggle which sometimes emerges, Hyalite can help to repair that rift or contradiction and help to find that connection, that deep sense of soul connection that can seem to occur both body and soul during sex with the right partner.  For people who fear opening themselves up to greater intimacy, Hyalite can be of great assistance.

    In a very real way, Hyalite also helps us find a very real and clear sense of the Self that exists beyond body and time, beyond this incarnation and beyond all usual things by which we identify ourselves BUT to see that within ourselves rather than seperate to ourselves.  It is the core of our body, the timeless being - a part of and not seperate to the physical body which walks the earth, joins with others, tends the garden and takes the kids to school. It is all one and in all parts is the spirit.