Indicolite Blue Tourmaline

5th and 6th Chakra- Blue Tourmaline can be used to open (activate) the throat and third eye chakras.  Indicolite is a wonderful Gemstone to use for enhancing third eye visions and increasing psychic awareness.  Some use the healing powers of Indicolite in treatment of physical issues such as disorders of the lungs, throat, thymus and thyroid.  Vibrates to the number 6 and master number 55. These crystals are all gem grade, very clear and bright energy with no inclusions, AAA grade.


Top- 4.90 cts.  3/4 inch.  $100.00 
Middle- 5.86 cts.  3/4 inch.  $125.00 
Bottom- 4.28 cts.  1/2 inch.  $75.00 

Indicolite Tourmaline