Infinite healing stones

Infinite is a stone of loving, angelic energy that draws out anything negative we manifest in our bodies, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Its strength is in its gentleness, which may help it succeed where a more powerful stone will not work to break through an energy barrier. Healers (such as Reiki and massage therapists) have found that Infinite helps their clients to achieve deeper relaxation and states of meditation. They have also found that it pulls pain out of the body, and clears charkas. Infinite can relieve chronic fatigue and aid in tissue regeneration. It is so helpful for so many conditions that it has been called the penicillin of the mineral world. Because it is so good at drawing out pain and thusly negativity, Infinite may need to be cleansed often. 
Use a small piece of Infinite as a worry stone, put a larger piece next to or under your pillow for more restful sleep, and try using extra large pieces as massage tools. By Rosley.


  • From a Channeling by Ramzana: Date: Feb, 2000 

    We are Infinite. We are pleased to be with you at this time. We would like to share our perspective of who we are and how we may be of service to you at this time. We are a Galactic perspective. By this, we mean that we experience reality from the perspective of the Galaxy as a whole. There are some minerals which are planetary and carry the perspective of operating within a planetary perspective. From within this perspective one might say that everything other then the planet would be experienced as being without and everything of the planet would be experienced as being within. As a Galactic perspective, the galaxy is our body, within, and the Universe and all else would be considered without. Thus we bring a galactic perspective and energy into your awareness. (The Galactic perspective is the heart chakra perspective of the Universe. Thus, from our perspective we are operating from within the heart perspective of the Universe.) 
    We hold a perspective within the heart of the galaxy, which connects to the silver ray. The aspect of silverness to which we resonate corresponds on your plane as physicality, what you would refer to as body. We help to balance connectedness between the heart and physicality. Many physical dysfunctions persist because of closures around this connection. When the heart is closed, situations which are symptomatic of this closure are unable to resolve, unable to be brought into balance. We are able to assist in removing many blocks which exist between the heart and physicality. From our perspective we are self clearing and it is not necessary to clear or cleanse us. We would work very well for many with the following combination of crystals: Infinite, moldavite, sugilite, and rutilated quartz. This combination would assist in clearing blockages around physical healing and would also assist in bringing into balance the psychological dysfunctions associated with the physical blockages (working at the physical and mental levels).

    In 1996, Steven Rosley, the owner of the business, went to South Africa in search of Ajoite. While he was there, visiting friends in Johannesburg, he came across a stone called Serpentine and Chrysotile. Steven is always looking for unusual stones with exciting metaphysical qualities for our customers, many of whom are healers. He felt that this stone had a wonderful energy, and brought a polished piece back to the States with him. Although serpentine and chrysotile were already known, this combination had not been seen before, and this beautiful sea green stone had no name, so Steven held a contest to name it. Forty-five people meditated with the stone, and submitted forty-five different names. Then Steven meditated with the names, and was directed to pick the name Infinite, because this stone seems to have limitless beneficial properties. It is a stone of gentle, loving, angelic energy that draws out anything negative we manifest in our bodies, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Reiki and massage therapists who have used Infinite tell us that it facilitates deeper relaxation and meditative states in their clients. They have also found it to pull pain out of the body. We have found that small piece of Infinite makes a great worry stone, and sleeping with a larger piece can bring more restful sleep. Since the first shipment we received, we've been delighted to find that Infinite comes in a whole range of greens, from pale and opaque to dark and translucent, with some stones having bits of gray, brown, or even black. I have observed that people seem to be strongly drawn either to the paler stones or the darker stones, and I believe it is due to a difference in the healing energies of those two shades. The paler stones are perhaps gentler and more soothing, and the darker ones seem to have more of a concentrated energy. We started calling it The Healer's Stone because of the testimonials we've been receiving. A woman in Ohio wrote that she'd been having pain in the gallbladder area, and since she was unable to get to the doctor, she began to carry a piece of Infinite on her person. After two days, the pain was gone. Since then, she uses the stone for any discomfort she experiences. A healer in Washington took Infinite to work with her when she realized it was just what the woman she'd be seeing that day needed. They had discussed using crystals in their sessions, but had not yet done so. The client's ears had been plugged for days, but when the healer had her hold the Infinite while she worked on the Throat Chakra, her ears cleared! Other owners of metaphysical stores come to us for Infinite because of personal and professional experience with the stone. Our friend David Geiger of the Crystal Cave says, "Infinite is the healer's stone. It is a must for any healer, athlete or person with chronic pain. When cleansed regularly, it can be used like a sponge to pull pain away from the affected area. It is an absolute must for those in need of pain relief. It works especially well on bad joints, muscles and connective tissue." Cathy Cracolice of the Nyack Healing Center tells us, "In all my years as a healer, Infinite is the single most important structural healing tool I have ever found. It literally works miracles." I myself have an Infinite story to tell. When I first started working here, I thought that Infinite was a beautiful stone. I found myself fascinated by its variety of colors and patterns. After I had made a particularly large sale one day, Steve gave me a very dark piece of Infinite that I had admired. I put it on the table next to my bed where I could enjoy looking at it. One night soon after that, I was up late, unable to sleep. I have had digestive problems all of my life, and that night, I had a burning pain in my stomach that remained undiminished despite all the antacids I had taken and all the water I drank. I looked around my room, frustrated, and my eyes fell on the piece of Infinite. I had seen Steve use a piece of Infinite as a massage tool on customers who were amazed at how wonderful it felt. Up to that time, I had carried various stones with me for various reasons, but had never used a stone for a directed purpose before. I thought, I've tried everything else - why not? I grabbed the Infinite and began to gently rub my stomach with it. After maybe a minute, I had a strange sensation - the sudden absence of burning or pain in my stomach. There was actually a specific moment in which I felt the pain leave. I was floored. My first thought was, it will come back. For a minute, I sat there almost waiting for it. Then I realized that I had been given what I needed. I realized I should accept this gift and go to sleep, which is what I did. I left the stone on the bed next to me, in case I needed it again. I slept better than I had in weeks. I've told that story to a lot of customers who ask if the stones really work. I think that all anyone needs to do is to be open to whatever will happen. Realize that you have nothing to lose, and amazing things to gain. I think that once you take that approach, you'll soon have many stone stories of your own to tell.