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Jar of Oregon Opals

Gorgeous small oregon opal rough!  Jar is 2 inches tall.


This incredible Opal helps to activate the transpersonal point, once activated the Opal helps one to understand the reasons why they are here in this incarnation. Oregon Opal also inspires imagination, rediscovery of self, joy and peace!! This is high quality gem grade material. One of my personal favorites! 

We dug this in the 1990's.


Metaphysical Properties- Instead of going into a long boring discussion on how Oregon Opal technically forms, I will touch briefly on this subject: Oregon Opal forms inside of thundereggs.  These thundereggs occur in 'nests' or groupings which are imbedded in Perlite.  There can be many eggs in a nest, unfortunately most of them are void of fire. (color play)   The Oregon Opal is unique in that it comes in many varieties; hyalite (the incredible blue glow), hydrophane, contra luz, fire and the common pastel variety.


Opal has been known for many years to be an emotional body stone, thought of as flowing and water-like because it is amorphous (with out crystal structure). Not much has been written about the healing benefits of this stone as to date, I would now like to add my thoughts on the metaphysical side of this magical stone.

I love the gentle energy of the Oregon Opal, it does not hit you over the head like some stones do, it gently resonates with your energy field in a subtle way.  It has allowed me to tap into my spiritual side.  It has opened my eyes to the beauty in nature, made me realize that I am not alone, I am apart of the Universe.  My fears and thoughts of being alone has diminished, I am no longer afraid.  What I am really excited about working with the Oregon Opal is that it has made me aware of my life's purpose.  I am one of those people who have for so long questioned their life's path.  This Opal has shown me that I have been on the correct path all along!  My love of gemology, gemstones, crystals, and teaching has all come together!  I am so excited about what I do that I cannot help but to share with everyone my excitement and the joy of working with crystals and gemstones. I have truly found myself!


Numerology- Oregon Opal vibrates to the number 1.  Number 1 is about new beginnings and leadership. One with strong will-power and determination.


Gemological Properties- Opal is a mineral species which is amorphous in structure, (without form).  It has a chemical composition of  SiO2.nH2O. (water content usually 3 to 14% by weight, but sometimes as high as 20%).  It is transparent to opaque in appearance and is usually seen cut into cabochons, carvings, and beads and is occasionally faceted.  Refractive index is around 1.450 but can go as low as 1.42 depending on the type of Opal.  The specific gravity is 2.15 and the hardness is soft, being a 5.  Opal is very sensitive to heat or sudden change in temperature.  Never clean your Opal jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner, it will crack the Opal.



Jar of Oregon Opals