Jet stones

1st and 3rd chakra. Jet, like Amber is thought of as possessing a certain talismanic virtue, so was worn in amulet form.  In history, jet ornaments were worn and believed to be apart of the very body and soul of the wearer, and therefore were guarded with jealous care.  Jet is used to dispel fears, protects one against violence as well as illness.  Some like to use Jet to awaken kundalini. Jet is a good choice for protection during travel, it also prevents jet lag.  Is also helpful in treatment of headaches, stomach pains and epilepsy. 

$5.00 each. 1 inch 
$10.00 each 2 inches


  • Metaphysical Properties- Jet is one of those stones that is not used for healing work as much as it should be.  Jet is a very black organic mineral which is highly protective.  It was used in times of antiquity for not only protection against the evil eye, but also in times of mourning.  You see Jet quite often in antique jewelry.  I just love Jet and always have a piece of it in my purse, I feel it is good for protection against others negativity.  However, I also carry it with me to use as a worry stone.  I find by rubbing my fingers across Jet that the smooth surface promotes a calmness within, especially when I have anxiety.  Some say it is useful for headaches, however, I have not experienced this.  Much Jet that you see is actually plastic or glass, so be very careful when purchasing, make sure you buy from a dependable source.


    Numerology- Jet vibrates to the number 8.  This number is about personal power and abundance.  Abundance can be anything you wish it to be.


    Gemological Properties- Jet is an organic mineral; it is a compact, ornamental form of lignite coal; a chemical composition of primarily carbon, with some hydrogen and oxygen (a hydrocarbon).  The color is very dark brown to black.  It is commonly seen cut into cabochons and beads, sometimes you see it in buttons and carvings.  The refractive index is 1.66, the specific gravity is very light at 1.32.  The hardness is 2.5-4, very soft.  The major source of Jet is from Whitby, England, but is also found in Canada, France, Germany, Spain and in the USA.